Who are we?

We are the Tourist info for Losser, De Lutte, Glane, Beuningen and Overdinkel. We used to be VVV De Lutte-Losser-Beuningen, but since januari 2020 we take a new course and say goodbye to the brand VVV. We continue as Tourist info, with the same people and the same organisation, but with a new name. We are still the place for information about everything Losser has to offer. Our main office is in De Lutte. We also have a office in Losser and in Beuningen.

The Tourist info consists of 1,5 FTE and about 60 volunteers.

Besides informing tourists, we also play a role in the promotion for Losser. To do this task we introduced a new organisation: 'Schatkamer Promotie Losser'. In this organisation we work on strategic marketing, intensifying coöperation and to draw attention to Losser. A great example of this is the touristpass.

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